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I got tagged X3

The Rules

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about himself on his journal.
3 .Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6.  No tag backs.
7.  No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

10 Things About Me:

1. Right now, I'm watching episode 7 of The legend of Korra <33 I love Korra so much X3 So manly and pretty at the same time!!

2. I ship Zuko x Katara, Toph x Aang, Sokka x Suki, Haru x Ty Lee and Mako x Korra. And Chief Bei Fong x Tenzin <--- that pairing is the Taang that could've been. ;_;

3. I'm way too obsessed with English accents. And Scottish accents. And Irish accents.

4. I used to like One Direction when "What makes You Beautiful" came out but now...IDK. They're gay for each other, I swear.

5. I just saw a rainbow. IT WAS SO PRETTY. *_* IT HAD ALL THE COLORS. AL. THE. COLORS.

6. I saw a double rainbow on a road trip. X3

7. When I'm bored, I watch random Disney movies in different languages XDD

8. I love Rapunzel's German voice <3 <3 <3

9. A friend and I cosplayed Yui and Mio  in a bookstore. It was awesome because we were cosplaying their Don't say Lazy outfits X3

10. I can't break my Hetalia obsession. It's unhealthy.

Questions for Me:

1) Are you weird?

What's your definition of weird? ;)

2) Do you RP?

Yup. :D Chat and Literate.

3) How long do you stay online?

I don't know. I don't count the hours XDD

4) Do you draw more girls or guys?

Girls. I can draw guys too but I prefer drawing girls.

5) Best part about your childhood?

WINX CLUB!! XDD I miss trying to copy their transformations and epically failing! And I miss making my own OCs for that show!

6) Favorite Pokemon?

Espeon~!! And Swampert! I don't have a particular reason why... XD
7) Digital or Traditional art

I can't do Digital Art. @_@

8) If you were a stereotype, you would be...?

A Tsundere around schoolmates, yandere around REALLY close friends and family, and that nerd with the glasses and braces last year :)

9) Top three favorite plz accounts?

I don't think I can answer that question since I haven't used plz accounts yet...

10) Favorite OC?

This guy I created for a friend's Pokemon fanfiction. :)

Questions for you~:

1) Favorite classic book?
2) Do you like musicals? If you do, what's your favorite musical?
3) What's your opinion on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
4) How are you feeling today?
5) Any funny experience happen recently?
6) What's 1+1?
7) Do you think the above question was meaningless?
8) Pen or pencil?
9) Favorite saying?
10) Ever did anything incredibly stupid?

:iconwritingmage008: :iconilovearthuuur: :iconbluver: :iconvictoriquedoll-sama: :iconxxtheworldisminexx: *ihaznomorefriendsseriously:_;*
  • Reading: A Tale of Two Cities (I'm stuck.)
  • Watching: THE LEGEND OF KORRA!! &lt;33
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xXTheWorldIsMineXx Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012
I tagged you in the exact same thing too!!! :((
MarshmallowChibis Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012
This is the 10 question one. I think you tagged me in the 5 question one. I'm not sure...
ILoveArthuuur Featured By Owner May 25, 2012

Btw, miss ya! <3
MarshmallowChibis Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
And you also have time to do your tagged things XDD


Miss you too~!
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May 25, 2012